50 Cent the rapper turned mogul is no stranger to the big scream. After his most popular movie get rich or die trying and most recently his record setting tv series power, 50 cent is entering the world of comedy. If you follow 50 on social media, it is easy to see that he is no stranger to comedic relief. The real question is will this translate in a tv show? After his great ongoing venture with starz network, 50 is ready to take over other networks starting with BET. His comedy show 50 central airing on BET, is a bit like Dave Chappelle meets Pink’d. His cast is made up of upcoming comedians doing skits but also conducting live pranks while he hosts the show. We have seen 50 in the drama thriller action side of Hollywood, but he is now also trying to make his mark in the comedy world. Will this work? Are you interested in seeing funny 50? Will is at as successful as Power? Don’t forget to share your thoughts!

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