Hurricane Harvey does not discriminate. Trae Tha Truth, the legendary Houston rapper and pillar in his community had to get rescued by boat during the hurricane. The hustle gang artist, known not only for his songs, but also for giving back through different programs and has his very own holiday in Houston Texas called Traeday, has just recently received the keys to the city for all his positive and hard work. Despite, the tragedy Trae Tha Truth isn’t letting the situation keep him down. After being rescued he took the initiative of going out there and rescuing others. After hours of waiting he was able to come to the rescue of six people by boat. Trae is there for his city as he has always been. Reminding us the humanitarian side of the hip hop and urban culture that is sometimes forgotten.

We R One…. HoUSton….🙏🏿

A post shared by traeabn (@traeabn) on

We R One…. HoUSton….🙏🏿

A post shared by traeabn (@traeabn) on

Hurricane Harvey has already displaced over 17,000 people and is projected to displace of 30,000. The state of Texas as whole needs everyone support. Make sure to do your research and donate to the proper organizations. Solidarity and support is the only way we will all get through this!




R.Momo Bogning

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