Picked last for the freshman XXL list, Xxxtentacion has generated quite a buzz for himself. His distorted track “Look at me”, that was purposely produce in such manner for lack of radio play due to quality, actually was able to put the young eccentric artist on. His dark acapella freshman freestyle and his overall tenor, had landing him in the new school wave of mumble rappers. Opinions seem to be changing with his new album out titled 17. The 11 track project has caught the attention of Kendrick Lamar, who showed praises and support for the project on his social media. It also reached the ears of the outspoken comedian Lil Duval. Lil Duval who often shares his opinion on his personal dislike for some of the mumble Rap of this generation, took to his social media to share his appreciation for the 17 album. Was the Freshman XXL right about Xxxtentacion? Have you heard 17? Will Xxxtentacion last or just be a temporary buzz? Do you want to hear more from Xxxtentacion? Share you thoughts with us on our social media platforms.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 3.45.32 PM.png

R. Momo Bogning

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