Bkcht LDN, the YouTube talk show, has been buzzing all over the web and social media. Its outgoing cast members whose reactions make hilarious memes has captivated their audience simply by talking about everyday life and real situations. After 2 seasons in the U.K. The shows has had such success that it is taking its talent across the pawn to New York City. New York City, already has its YouTube talk show in The Grapevine. Late in its second season, The Grapevine also uses the multitude of characters on its panel to inform and entertain its audience. With over 60 episodes on the second season, The Grapevine  has made itself a staple with a strong core audience. Is the Big Apple big enough for both platforms? Will these 2 platforms cross path and or unite? Who will get the YouTube talk show crown of NYC? Which will you choose? I know I will be tuning into and supporting both!


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