When the King of R&B R Kelly meets Nigerian Superstar Wizkid it gives us “I just want to thank you.” The rhythmic track that can only be found in the deluxe edition of R Kelly’s new album “The Buffet” would definitely make you want to get up and dance. It would be the 13th studio album for the of R&B king. It’s not the first time R Kelly collaborates with African artists. In the past, he had collaborated with Akon and Sean Paul for Slow Wind, which is in TP3 reloaded. In 2010, he backs African supergroup ONE8. The group consisted of singer Fally Ipupa, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigerian R&B singer 2Face, Kenyan singer Amani, Zambian singer JK, Ugandan hip-hop star Navio, Tanzanian bongo superstar Alikiba, Ghanaian hip-hop trio 4X4,  and Gabonese rappers Movaizhaleine.  The goal was to share their music to a broader more international audience.



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