Happy Thanksgiving!  If you’re looking for some thanksgiving humor, check out my short film Under the Table from Grace  McLeod :A family of self-proclaimed liberals is forced to address underlying hypocrisy in this contemporary comedy about privilege and tolerance set on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, when their eldest daughter brings her significant other home for Thanksgiving. And it’s starring my beautiful friend Marie Josephine Zoumanigui! We wish her and the cast a lot of success and to shine in a lot of other movies!!!



Meredith        TracyMcMullan

Nell                   Jackie Viscusie

Jamie                Danica Waldo

Davis                Rich Meiman

         Laura                Marie Zoumanigui

One comment

  1. I don’t know Verry well thanksgiving. But as i have understand This movie trailer, it is real that it is so funny by the theme (privilège and tolérance) of This comedy.

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