MISSY is back! And she is better than ever!!!! 


It’s been 7 years since her last album, but It was worth the wait! She surprised the world this morning with her new hit video  “WTF” (Where they from) brand new single produced by Pharrell Williams. After teasing us during the superball halftime show, the Hip Hop Queen Missy ended the suspense. Once again, we find the female Emcee in her extravagant, urban, chic, and futuristic universe. It was directed by Dave Meyers who’s already worked with her on numerous videos. The visuals are sick, always surrounded by the best dancers as you may notice The Twins, and Pharell’s marionette, Pharell’s verse, her choreography… Matter of fact is that Skelewu or Shoki that we see around 2mn30…? She did it before, and she is doing it again… Missy Elliott did not give up on the formula that has made her one of the most emblematic artists of the early 2000.  More than ten years later, the recipe still works… 


  1. Missy is One of the best artist who marked the 2000 years. There is à good surprise to see that she is back after many struggle she crossed last 4 years. But there is not à surprise to see that she is always on top, and not à surprise too that in This new single we can see that there is a realy mix of missy and pharell style. Welcome back missy, you just Kill it as usual.

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